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Bay windows are definitely a great addition to the elegance of your home, as they are beyond the range of all other window designs. Visually, they are three separate windows that are attached together in such a way that they project outward from the building walls to form a bay. Forming a polygonal or square shape, these originally Victorian windows offer a single big viewing area. Of all the three windows, the middle one is typically a fixed frame/vented window with double-hung or casement windows on one of the sides.

Because of the unique design, the bay windows are certainly more expensive and need more time for installation. This is the reason why people look for the best bay window in terms of money and quality. In this case, Internet is the best source to hit. This is because more competition than the local markets has made the manufacturers to charge low prices for getting more sales. Further, you get a chance to buy directly from the manufacturer, which eliminates the cost of the intermediate dealers/retailers. Apart from getting cheap bay windows, you also get a chance to make a choice from a great collection of these windows. So, here are some great online manufactures that are famous for offering cheap bay windows whose prices vary according to material, size, and type.


Established in 1903, this privately owned firm manufactures over six million wood windows annually worldwide. All its products are split into three main lines namely, 200 Series, 400 Series, and Architectural Series. The 200 Series line offers the famous options and sizes without compromising on the Andersen quality at special prices. In the line of 400 Series, you can choose from the products that feature the superior craftsmanship and the widest range of styles and accessories. Complementing these two lines, the Architectural Series include windows that are handcrafted dramatically in varying sizes and shapes. There is one more line included, which is called the A Series for offering innovative and architectural windows. Prices start from                  $1500, which go up according to the Series and bay angle that can be at 30, 45, and 90 degrees.

2. (Infinity from Marvin)

Get ready to invite full light and natural drama in your room with Infinity® bay windows. This site publicizes itself as a source of cheap bay windows that feature not only expanded views but also low-maintenance exterior and interior. Bay windows from Infinity are available with Double Hung or Casement setup, 30 or 45 degree configurations, fixed or operating center units, and standard pine or oak heads. To know the price, you need to request a catalog. And yes, this manufacturer offers installation services and lifetime warranty as well.


Nestled in Tacoma, this firm offers state-of-the-art bay windows made with a variety of materials based on which it has created different lines. These lines of Milgard Windows are Aluminum Standard Windows, Aluminum Thermally Improved Windows, Fiberglass Ultra Windows, Fiberglass Woodclad Windows, Vinyl Classic Windows, Vinyl Style Line Windows, and Vinyl Quiet Line Windows. To know the price, you will have to request a free quote on this site. However, it is understood that aluminium windows would be the cheapest ones. Nevertheless, all of them are durable, reliable, and sturdy.

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